When it comes to Indians, MIC still No 1

When It Comes To Indians , MIC Still No 1

These are tumultuous times for political parties who inhabit the landscape of the Malaysian political scene.

Since 2008 general election, it cannot be denied that there have been profound changes in the way political parties have to strive to become more attuned to the voice of the people as well as their explicit and implicit needs.

Although MIC fared badly in the last general election, yet with challenges also comes the opportunity for growth and change that is needed to evolve and adept to better fulfill the purpose and agenda of the party and nation.

The party has been around since 1946 and part of the reason for its longevity is the ability of the party to re-mould and re-shape itself whenever the need arises.

In this vein of thought, MIC has taken numerous steps to strengthen itself and navigate today’s choppy political waters successfully.
After much soul searching it is with quiet confidence and sturdy faith that I believe MIC is on track to become the voice of the Indian community of this country again.

New blood, new ideas

The party has consolidated itself and become more united than ever. New blood with new ideas has been given the opportunity and a strong platform to serve.

The party’s last annual general meeting (AGM) and the election results have brought in three new vice presidents and also many new young faces to the central working committee (CWC).

Youthful choices were also made by the president in the appointments for critical positions such as secretary general, treasurer general and information chief.

Besides this, the party has also been very steadfast in reinventing itself from within through various workshops and forums.

The re-branding exercise is going at full throttle and members are being sensitised to change themselves and move towards a people-centric and optimum service performance level to better reach and impact the community in line with the prime minister’s call of ‘people first, performance now’.

The party is now focusing on bringing the Indian community’s grouses to the forefront. The people’s needs and aspirations are the topmost priorities of the party and all tools that enhance this aim are continuously being sharpened and bettered.

MIC is thus poised to remain as the voice and conduit of the community to reach the government and fulfill their potential.

Others losing steam

On the other hand, other parties that claim to champion the rights of the Indian community seem to have lost their momentum after a crescendo of false starts.

The Malaysian Makkal Sakti Party (MMSP) being a case in point. Barely six months old and they are already facing a leadership tussle and severe politicking and infighting.

Whereas the organisation headed by the leader of the Hindraf movement P Uthayakumar hasn’t done anything productive or constructive for the community since its formation.

The Hindraf leaders behind the Nov 25 rally have broken up and seem more keen on finger pointing rather than working towards addressing the plight of the community.

Even within Barisan Nasional, Indian based political parties have their share of issues.

The PPP hierarchy appears to be contented with playing musical chairs for the post of president while the Registrar of Societies (ROS) figures out the winner.

The Indian Progressive Front (IPF) has lost direction and motivation since the demise of M G Pandithan. They too are caught in legal battles and leadership tussles.

On the opposition front

On the opposition front, several Indian elected representatives in Selangor have voiced their dissatisfaction with their state government when it comes to the issue of helping Indians.

One PKR parliamentarian has gone as far to say that the state government has lost the support of the vital Indian bloc because of their ineffectiveness in dealing with the problems of the Indians within the state.

All these points have cemented the position and validated the argument that MIC is the ideal institution to represent the Indian community in this country. The MIC is aware of the grave responsibility such a position entails.

MIC is doing and will continue to do all that is needed to further spur the growth of the Indian community in Malaysia.

The party will continue to be the beacon of the community in safeguarding their interests and unearthing opportunities for the community’s social, financial, economic, cultural and academic well being.

source : P Kamalanathan is MIC’s information chief


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