Murugiah vs Saravanan – Kg Pandan Indian Issue

Murugiah vs Saravanan


Residents relating their plight to Saravanan (right).
Residents relating their plight to Saravanan (right).

KUALA LUMPUR: Who will have the final say in the relocation of 196 squatter families in the Kampung Pandan Indian Settlement?

Will it be Federal Territories Deputy Minister M. Saravanan or Public Complaints Bureau chief Senator T. Murugiah?

The squatters are hoping that Murugiah will prevail.

They are against the move by Saravanan to shift them temporarily to Puchong.

Instead, they are holding on to hope that Murugiah will be able to help them get flats in Seri Alam, Sungai Besi.

“The families are not in favour of shifting to Puchong and they have asked me to help.

“They say there are units available in Seri Alam. I will check on their claims,” he said.

Murugiah was asked to comment after Saravanan had said that the families would be moved to the Puchong Muhibbah public housing flats.

Saravanan said the squatters had agreed to move out from their homes within a month of receiving a guarantee letter that they will be allowed to return to Kampung Pandan once the public housing flats were built. The deadline for them to shift is March 14.

Saravanan had said this during a meeting at the MIC hall in Kampung Pandan on Thursday which saw a heated argument between the squatters and the deputy minister.

City Hall has agreed to provide lorries to help the squatters shift to Puchong and give RM1,000 compensation.

However, the squatters are adamant in moving to Sungai Besi.

Settlement Action Committee head S. M. Suresh Kumar said their main concern was that their children’s schooling would be disrupted if they move to Puchong.

Suresh added: “The Seri Alam flats are only 15 minutes away from their school and it is also convenient for many of the residents who work in the city.”

Suresh said the residents were shocked when told by Saravanan that the Seri Alam flats were no longer available.

“We are getting contradicting statements.”

City Hall wants to relocate the squatters to make way for an access road connecting Taman Maluri and Ampang

source : http://streets.nst.com.my/Saturday/Stories/2455309/Article


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  1. I am S M Sureshkumar elected Chairman of the Action Committee for the setinggan residents in Kg. Pandan Indian Settlement.

    Our mission is to get nearer PPR houses for the residents as temporary basis and SAVE this Indian Settlement from vanishing from our Malaysian map.

    The true story of this issue is all about a hard headed Deputy Minister and a selfish branch Chairman who will be making huge amount of richness but does not think of giving a better life for the people who have entrusted them for handling their issues.


    Kg. Pandan Indian Settlement is a gold mine area because it is situated in the centre bordering few housing areas (Taman Maluri, Pandan Jaya, Pandan Indah, Desa Pandan and Ampang) and is also nearby to City Centre.

    We the Action Committee are representing the people but we have been indentified as OPPOSITION supporters by this so called Deputy Minister and Branch Chairman, even when we went to see the President (MIC), listening to his Vice President had the President believing that we are the oppositions. What a shame for the remarks he made!!!!

    All the people are asking for a nearby PPR (PPR Sri Alam, Sg. Besi – phase 2) and comeback to our Indian Settlement but what we get is PPR Kg. Muhibbah in Puchong and a RM 47 million housing project that we might not afford to by after 3 years.

    PLEASE for GOD shake put the people’s interest at first!!!

    The Action Committee has all the relevant document’s and video clips of this issues, if your want to know the TRUTH come directly to our settlement and get in touch with us.


    Comment by S M Sureshkumar | July 18, 2010 | Reply

    • Bro Suresh, Im sacked by Dato’ V.Mogan from PUTERA MIC,kindly proceed further question to him or the new N.Sembilan PUTERA MIC team. Thanx

      Comment by puteramicns | December 22, 2010 | Reply

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