New Detail Of MJ Death

NEW DETAILS OF MICHAEL DEATH HOAX REVEALED … and we know where he is hiding

Copyright (c) 2009 Derek Clontz/4-Page Media, Inc../Your World Report.

As many as 36 devoted friends and family members helped Michael Jackson pull off the greatest celebrity vanishing act in history after he faked his death of a heart attack late last week, hiding him first in the mountains of North Carolina, then in Paris, and, finally, in Hungary – where he is socked away in a medieval castle watching round-the-clock coverage of his “death”, far from the prying eyes of frenzied reporters and overzealous fans.

And at least a half dozen of those same devoted “co-conspirators” are still with the King of Pop, seeing to it that he has comfortable and secluded homes to live in, plenty of food and money, and the best doctors and medical care that his fortune can buy. 

“It’s amazing how we were able to take the most recognizable celebrity on the face of the Earth and hide him from millions of fans, but that’s exactly what we did,” a Jackson confidante who is involved in Jackson’s disappearance, told me exclusively.


“Of course, we love Michael. We’d do anything for him. And that includes, for some of us, giving up their own lives to protect him. This isn’t a game. This is serious business. Michael was at the breaking point. If something hadn’t been done, he really would be in a coffin with no hope of a comeback. Not now. Not ever.”

It’s unlikely that anybody will ever know for sure why Jackson, 50, decided to fake his death now, with an historic series of shows planned for later this year, said the source, “unless Michael himself explains it.”

But it’s generally accepted that he had become severely addicted to prescription drugs while trying to find a way to cope with the twin pressures of superstardom and life in a fishbowl.

And other Jackson insiders who agreed to talk with YourWorldReport.com and derekclontz.wordpress.com conceded, though grudgingly, that the “Michael Death Hoax” isn’t a fantasy or wishful thinking on the part of fans.

It’s real – and with help from select members of his famed entourage, other friends and family members, and at least a dozen highly-placed public officials, pop-genius Jackson hatched and executed what can only be described as an elaborate plot to fake a heart attack and bury a look-alike – or, as in the case of Elvis Presley, who also is widely believed to have faked his death, a wax dummy – in his place.



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