11 Things To Think For Success

The 11 thought patterns

1. Think not constriction, fear, anxiety. Think you are safe, grounded, and be trusting
2. Think not lack, scarcity, “not-enoughness”. Think ease, abundance, prosperity
3. Think not strife, struggle, attachment. Think openness, receptivity, “it comes easily”
4. Think not you are alone, questioning, having problems. Think you’re supported, guided, seeing solutions
5. Think not as being drained due to giving too much. Think like a King: Feeling worthy & deserving
6. Think not of being unsure, hesitant, self-doubting. Think strong, confident, courageous
7. Think not frustration, yearning, it requires effort. Think enthusiasm, ease, “ideal clients find me”
8. Think not unclear, needy, would say yes to anyone. Think you’re surrounded by ideal clients (invisible to the rest)
9. Think not of being overwhelmed, pressured, under time constraints. Think focused, guided, in the flow
10. Think not of being thrown of course, distracted by negative energies. Think gentle on self and aligned with the higher power
11. Think not that you are stuck in repetitive, sabotaging behavior patterns. Think liberating patterns that serve your goals

Easier said than done. Easier attempted than left undone. Get to work now! Examine your stimulus to every situation and forcefully bring it on track. One every day. Then two per day from the 12th day forward and so on. It’s like gymming. You’re building mental muscles now. You can do it!



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