N.Sembilan Town & District Councillor List

16 MIC Representatives Appointed in Negeri Sembilan Local Government

The Negeri Sembilan State Liaison Committee Chairman, Mr.T. Rajagopaloo has informed that the following persons were appointed as the members of Town Councils and District Councils. The Seremban Council MIC members are Mr.A Ganesan, Seremban Division Chairman, Mr.G.Krishnan, Rasah Division Vice Chairman and Rasa Jaya Dalam Branch Chairman. Mr. Michael Rajasegaran, Division Vice Chairman , Mr. S. Batumalai, Lenggeng Branch Chairman, Mr.K.Murali, Negeri Sembilan Youth Leader were appointed as Nilai Council Members. The following persons were appointed as Tampin Distric Council members. They are Mr. S.Rajendran Tampin Division Chairman, Mrs. Arasamma, Taman Gemas Branch Chairman, Mr. R. Krishnan, MIC Tampin Division Secretary. The Chairman of MIC Kampong Ribu Branch ,Mr.K Sivaprakasam has been appointed as the of the member of the Rembau District Council . Mrs.Mariayee, Chairman of MIC jelebu Divison and Mr.P. Ramasamy, Chairman of Kuala Pilah Divison are appointed as members of Jelabu and Kuala Pilah councils respectively. Taman ACBE Branch Chairman Dato Dr.L.Krishnan and Mr.K.Kesavan are reappointed as members of Jempul District Council. Teluk Kemang Divisional Chairman, Mr.M.Vellu and Negeri State Women Leader, Mrs. P Thanaletchumi are appointed as members of Port Dickson Town Council


Source : MIC HQ
Date : 04 June 2009, 03:55 PM


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