Indian Restaurant Job Available

Indian Restaurant Job
                                                                                 from The Star

Two major restaurant owners associations will organise a training and placement programme to encourage Malaysians to work in Indian and mamak restaurants.

The “Train and Place” programme, organised by the Malaysian Indian Restaurant Owners’ Association (Primas) and the Malaysian Muslim Restaurant Owners’ Association (Presma), is targeted at local youths and retrenched workers in a bid to reduce the dependence on foreign workers.

“We are trying to meet the Government’s policy of reducing foreign workers and this is our first step in achieving that goal,” programme director D. Arun told a press conference yesterday.

He said the three-month course would begin in June with 200 applicants targeted.

“The Human Resources Ministry will sponsor the participant’s tuition fee of RM4,500 and if the response is good we will take in more trainees at the next intake,” he added.

He said the training would be held in various institutes in the Klang Valley in English, Bahasa Malaysia and Tamil.

Those who complete the course would be quickly placed in restaurants around the Klang Valley, with the Government paying them RM800 each, Arun added.

Presma president Datuk Jamarulkhan Kadir said it was the right time to launch the programme as the Indian food and beverage industry was in need of more manpower.

“We are working to hire locals instead of foreigners but the problem is that most locals have a negative impression of being a restaurant worker,” said Jamarulkhan.

Primas president Datuk R. Ramalingam Pillai said that there were currently 75,000 foreign workers in the industry, and the ultimate aim was to get locals to replace them.

Primas and Presma are also setting up a Centre for Innovative Restaurant Skills to better train workers by the year end.

Those interested in joining the “Train and Place” programme can download the application form at www.restaurantjobregistry.com or call 03-7954-9270 for enquiries. Registration starts on May 19.

This is the way to go. Instead of relying on foreign workers, its time to train our own youths, give them decent salary and work environment. Of course, there will be some bad hats and hiccups, but in the long run it will be good for the as more money is generated in the country and increase consumer spending power. Remember, “a youth who is preoccupied won’t have time to cause trouble”.


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