Training Opportunities

Industrial Training Opportunities at ILP Arumugam Pillai – July 2009 session

       The fresh intake for July 2009 will be announced in all national newspapers in the mid of March. I would like to bring to your attention in particular the Arumugam Pillai Industrial training Institute. At present the institute has 139 Indian students and as end of January 2009, 49 Indian students (January Intake 2009) were offered places and have enrolled. It is important to note that this particular Institute has an historical background where philanthropist the late Arumugam Pillai has donated the land to the government in order to benefit the Indians. As such more Indian youths should apply and grab the opportunity to get trained in the various skill programs offered. Therefore all Indian youths please take note of this yet another opportunity which is now made available to you for this intake. Don’t miss this golden opportunity.

      Of the 37 different courses the most popular are electrical, automotive, computer networking, printing and foundry. But there is a wide range and the training is hands on with 18 months of training including 3 months of industrial placement.

     You may call 04-595 6000 for details at Arumugam Pillai Industrial Training Institute. For general details and registration form you can visit the government website at http://www.jtm.gov.my or call the Ministry officials at Putrajaya 03-8886 5555. We want to make sure that more Indians will apply and grab the opportunities.

Government Provisions and Requirements

These are fully funded trainings. If selected the young person will receive a full scholarship, which will provide FREE tuition and training, FREE food and accommodation and a monthly allowance of RM100.00.

Young Malaysian Indians who are between the ages 17 to 30 and who have an SPM with a minimum of three passes can even apply. You must have passed at the SPM level BM, Math’s and Science. Even if you have better grades you can consider to take on industrial training in a fully government funded institution.

YSS is therefore calling on young Indians to equip themselves with some technical skills and become a skilled worker. There are now many options for employment in industry or self employment through micro entrepreneurship venture. In today’s (17 Feb 2009) STAR have quoted the comment by our Deputy Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib said that young people should upgrade skills to cater knowledge – based industries which require more technicians and engineers. Datuk S. Subramaniam, the Minister of Human Resource Ministry has also encouraged more young people to take up skills training program due to vast job opportunity and industries need skilled workers even in this current economic uncertainity.

Let us improve our capabilities, get into better paying jobs through the many training opportunities provided free by our Government agencies. These opportunities at the certificate level are very good opportunities to build up your potential and these will enable you to stand tall in Malaysian society.

We cannot say there are no opportunities or no one is helping us. We must take the step forward and plug into what government is providing. The time is now; apply for the July 2009 intake. Apply on line to as many institutions as possible to ensure that you secure a place.

Please feel free to visit YSS website at http://www.yss98.com or call one of the YSS officers for more details. Call YSS at 03-40415958.

Our Address:






Further details please free to call the coordinators below:-

·  Param – 016-2651996

·  James Raj – 017-5518891 (Perak)

·  Muniswaran – 016-4580750 (Penang)

·  TH. Subra – 019-4176988 (Kedah)


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