Datuk Muthu Contest

Datuk Muthu To Contest

Datuk M. Muthu Palaniappan, allowed back into the race for the MIC party president’s post on Thursday, has several other hurdles to cross before the finishing line.

The former MIC vice-president, who received his branch registration book from state MIC chief Datuk T. Rajagopalu yesterday, has to win his branch chairmanship to contest the top post.

He then has to obtain 50 nominations from branches nationwide to qualify to be a contender for the post held for the past 10 terms by Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu.

The Negri Sembilan strongman is not expected to face difficulty in winning the branch chairmanship or getting the 50 nominations to take on Samy Vellu.

Muthu, 68, was happy that the party Central Working Committee had considered his appeal against expulsion by the party disciplinary board over charges that he had made statements detrimental to the party and Samy Vellu.
“The decision by the CWC was a sound one in the interest of MIC and the Indian community.

“Nullifying my expulsion paves the way for me to continue to serve the people in a very effective manner,” he told the New Straits Times.

He added that he would contest the presidency as he had already served in all capacities in the party, from branch leader to vice-president.

“I am confident of winning the contest. I am not a liability to the MIC and the Indian community but an asset and will continue to contribute to the party in whatever way I can.”

Muthu, who announced late last year that he would challenge Samy Vellu, was given a show-cause letter on Dec 23 by the MIC disciplinary committee over the statements.

The allegations were based on excerpts from a Nov 11 article in the Makkal Osai newspaper and an interview with Malaysiakini the following month.

He was called for an inquiry by the committee on Jan 20 where he asked that he be allowed to present witnesses.

Refusing to answer the inquiry, he asked that an independent committee be set up to hear his case.

He also asked for committee chairman Tan Sri G. Vadiveloo to be removed from the inquiry as he was an involved party in one of his alleged statements regarding the overnight formation of illegal branches in Seremban during the 1994 MIC divisional elections.

Vadiveloo rejected all of Muthu’s requests.

The following day, the committee expelled the veteran who subsequently appealed to the CWC against the decision.

Muthu, who has been in the party for more than 30 years, said the time has come for MIC to work hard to change the attitude of Indians in the country.

“I am appealing to all leaders from branch to top level to work closely together to see MIC walk tall, proudly and with dignity.”

The lawyer said Indians had a lot of respect for him as he had served them for more than three decades.


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