Indian Priests Pass Induction

Indian priests pass induction programme to work in Malaysia

Indian priests pass induction programme to work in Malaysia Malaysia News.Net Thursday 19th February, 2009 (IANS) A group of Hindu priests, musicians and sculptors from India have received the certificate of eligibility to work in Malaysia, after passing an induction programme to serve in 31 temples here. Twenty-two priests, 22 musicians and 19 sculptors underwent the programme devised by the Human Resources Ministry Wednesday at the India National Human Resources Institute here, New Straits Times said. Human Resources Minister S. Subramaniam said the induction programme, a condition imposed by the Immigration Department, was to familiarise them with the workplace, local culture and laws. ‘The induction course conducted by religious and labour experts from the Malaysian Hindu Sangam and Immigration Department was held in line with the cabinet decision last July allowing for the recruitment of Hindu priests, musicians and sculptors from India,’ he said. The participants were briefed on the country’s Hindu temple administration so that they would be able to work and communicate effectively with devotees and temple administrators. In late 2007, the government froze the recruitment of priests from India. Subramaniam brought up the issue in the cabinet following an outcry from the Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC), temples and the Malaysian Hindu Sangam. He said the cabinet also wanted Malaysian nationals to be trained as priests. There is, however, a shortage of young Tamil Hindus with knowledge of scriptures. The salaries paid are also considered low. A bulk of the ethnic Indian population numbering two million-plus comprises Tamil Hindus who came here during the British era. It forms nearly eight percent of Malaysia’s 28 million population.


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V.Sivakumar Speaks

Ethnic Indian speaker suspends entire Malaysian state ministry

V. Sivakumar, speaker of Perak’s state assembly, has triggered a constitutional crisis by suspending Menteri Besar (chief minister) Zambry Abdul Kadir and his six executive councillors (ministers) from the assembly.

‘As they cannot attend the state assembly sittings, the question arises over whether they can govern,’ New Straits Times said Thursday.

Sivakumar, Malaysia’s first ethnic Indian presiding officer, used his ‘unfettered powers’, the newspaper said of the unprecedented development that follows a political crisis triggered by a change of guard.

Sivakumar said Kadir and his six members had failed to provide any explanation to the Committee of Privileges on the charge of having committed contempt of the state legislative assembly when they declared themselves as the chief minister and ministers.

The suspended chief minister and ministers told the New Straits Times they believed that Sivakumar had acted beyond his jurisdiction.

Kadir took over as the state’s chief executive after legislators crossed over to the Barisan Nasional (BN) alliance earlier this month, bringing down the earlier government of Pakatan Rakyat (PR), the alliance that is in the opposition at the federal level.

In a four-paragraph statement issued Wednesday evening, Sivakumar ordered Kadir to be suspended from the assembly for 18 months and the others for 12 months, with immediate effect.

The six ministers are Ramly Zahari, Saarani Mohamad, Zainol Fadzi Paharuddin, Mah Hang Soon, Mohd Zahir Abdul Khalid and lady member Hamidah Osman.

Sivakumar was elected when PR had the majority support. He has unlimited powers under the Standing Orders of the Perak legislative assembly.

There had been speculation over how he would act after the government changed.

Sivakumar refused to speak to the media after he issued the suspension order and attempts to get close to him were hampered by his ‘bodyguards’.

Kadir and his ministers have been asked to appear before a legislative committee headed by a member who belongs to the Democratic Action Party (DAP), a PR constituent.

Another development related to this crisis has been the demand by the Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) a constituent of the ruling BN that Sivakumar be removed and another ethnic Indian be made the presiding officer.

MIC is the largest party of ethnic Indians who number over two million, forming eight percent of Malaysia’s 28 million population.


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IPF In Crisis

The Indian Progressive Front (IPF), which claims to have some 300,000 Malaysian Indian members, plunged into a crisis after the Registrar of Societies declared as void the election of Puan Sri Jayashree Pandithan as party president on 14 Dec, 2008.

Among others, Registrar Datuk Md Alias Kalil, in a letter to the party dated Jan 30, 2009, declared that the appointment of Jayashree was not in accordance with the Societies Act 1966.

He also declared void the suspension of deputy president V. Senggutuan and vice-president M. Mathyalagan and the show cause notice issued to 12 IPF supreme council members by Jayashree last year in December.

Contents of the Registrar’s letter was released to the media by Senggutuan here Saturday.

“The ROS in the letter also declared that the IPF general assembly held on Dec 14 was unconstitutional. The letter also states that all those suspended be reinstated to their original position failing which action would be instituted under Section 13 of the Societies Act.

“With the clarification, Puan Sri Jayashree is no more the party president. I have been reinstated as deputy president and thus I would take over as acting president of the party. Prime Minister and Barisan Nasional (BN) president Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has been informed of this,” said Senggutuan.

Although IPF is not a BN component party, it supported the ruling coalition.

The letter also said failure to abide by the rulings would result in action being instituted against the party under Section 13 of the Act. The section would allow the Registrar to cancel or suspend IPF, a splinter party of the MIC, as a registered society.

“Basically it means that if the orders of the Registrar are not followed, then the IPF can be deregistered. I would be calling for a meeting of the old supreme council and decide on the next course of action of the party,” he added.

At the Dec 14, 2008 IPF general assembly Jayashree was returned unopposed as party chief; while K. Murugiah was elected deputy president; and M. Sambanthan, S. Visvanathan and K. Naducheralathan, the three vice-presidents. It also named K. Velayuthan as party secretary-general and M. Thirumugam, treasurer.

The IPF leadership tussle began in May 2008, soon after the death of its founder Tan Sri M.G. Pandithan, who was MIC vice-president before he quit the largest Indian-based political party in the country, to form IPF nearly 20 years ago. Pandithan passed away on April 30 after losing the battle to cancer.

On Nov, 10, 2008, the IPF supreme council, headed by Jayashree, issued a three-month suspension order against Senggutuan, Mathyalagan and Youth chief R. Ravi Shankar.

Senggutuan was alleged to have violated party regulations while Mathyalagan was said to have issued contradicting press statements detrimental to the party leadership. Ravi has been asked to relinquish his post as he was declared bankrupt.

Mathyalagan, who filed a law suit against Jayashree’s appointment as IPF president, failed in his bid to stop her from continuing after the court ruled on Dec 26, 2008, that section 18C of the Societies Act stated very clearly that the court could not entertain or determine any suit, application or proceeding on any ground in relation to party decisions.

The suspended leaders had also lodged a complaint to the ROS against the actions against them by Jayashree and the new supreme council and Md Alias’ letter was in reply to the complaint.

Yesterday, Jayashree filed a suit against the ROS in an attempt to squash its latest ruling.


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List Of Death Prisoner

List of Abuse and Death of Malaysian Indian From 1998-2009 1.S.KuganTortured and Beaten to Death Name Age Date Circumstance of Death S.Kugan 22 20 Jan 2009 Jan 15. Kugan Ananthan was detained. Crime : suspected involvement in an international car theft syndicate. Jan 20th 2009. Kugan a/l Ananthan, 22 year old guy, after being detained for 5days, was found dead. DEAD in a Subang Jaya police station. Selangor police chief immediately claimed that it was a sudden death, and tried linking it with asthma. His family says he has no asthmatic problem. Pictures revealed injuries to his body, fresh wounds 2.Malaysian police poured boiling water on B Prabakar Name Age Date Circumstance of Torture and Abuse B Prabakar 27 December 23, 2008 27years old car park attendant has alleged that he was tortured during interrogation by police who beat him with a rubber hose and splashed boiling hot water on his body. B Prabakar said he was picked up from his work place at Sri Hartamas on Dec 23 and taken for interrogation at the Brickfields police district headquarters where he was repeatedly beaten, kicked and stepped-on by at least 10 police personnel. 3. N. Logeswaran 10-year-old , abused by Malaysian Police in Police station. Name Age Date Circumstance of Tortured and Abuse N. Logeswaran 10. August 5, 2008 The ethnic Indian mother of a 10-year-old boy has accused the police of torturing her son, slapping and choking him and scalding his leg while questioning him for allegedly stealing his school teacher’s purse. The incident occurred Aug 5 after N. Logeswaran was taken to a police station at Kampar near Ipoh in Perak state, even though the purse, money (containing RM 700 – roughly $200) and other documents were not found on the boy. Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) deputy chairman M. Sarasvathy, who took up his case, submitted a memorandum to the Perak police Tuesday alleging that the police, in order to get the boy to confess, slapped him on his face while two policemen tried to choke him. “They even tried to melt some plastic on the boy’s private parts,” said Sarasvathy, outside the Perak police contingent headquarters, The Star newspaper said Wednesday. Logeswaran’s mother P. Santhi said her son suffered head injuries as a result of the police beating. “The police also took out a parang (dagger) and a pistol to threaten the boy,” Saraswathy said, adding that Logeswaran was also handcuffed and locked up in a dark room. “He is now traumatised by the incident,” said Sarasvathy, adding that he suffered injuries on the back of his head, wrists and leg after the ordeal. Logeswaran was picked up from his school at 12.30 p.m. last Wednesday and was only released at 10.45 p.m. the same day. His parents were not informed about the incident. He was taken to the Kampar Hospital at 11 p.m. after complaining of headaches and after he started vomiting, said Sarasvathy. He was transferred to Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun at midnight for observation and was discharged Monday. 4. 24 years old Mariammah was manhandled by Malaysian Police Name Age Date Circumstance of Torture and Abuse Mariammah 24 April 17, 2008 IPOH (17/4) – A young girl launched police report against a Police Officer and other Police Personnel’s on the complaint that she was manhandled, usage of vulgar words and sexually harassed while she was under investigation at the Police Station at Ipoh . The 24 years old women stated in her report that the police picked up her from Balai Police Menglembu on the 02/04/08 at 02.00am after she made a Police report stating her motorbike no: AGJ 102 was missing. Mariammah, a mother of 2, was remanded for 2 weeks to help on a murder case on which, usage of the missing motorbike in the murder case. The Policeman who came with other male officers arrested her and took her with police car with male police officers only. She was remanded till 13/04/08 and the Police officers started to torture her since 05/04/08 till 08/04/08 for no reason. Mariamah also alleged that the Policeman also kicked her back and hips several times and blindfolded her when this beating was taking place. Also she says the police forced her to admit that her husband was involved in the murder case which happens few days earlier before her arrest. The Police arrested and forced her to agree with the accusation. After few hours another policeman came and tortured her verbally and told her she would be striped naked if did not agreed. Soon after she was released on 13/04/08, she came to Ipoh Barat office to inform the incident and asked Mr.Kulasegaran (DAP – Ipoh Barat) for help. Mr.Kula, with his secretary, took her to lodge a police report and at that time, the computers were all down! After half an hour when a senior police officer came, the system was on again. 5.Indian Youth Tortured In Rawang Police Station Naame Age Date Circumstance of Torture and Abuse 2 Indian Youth January 6, 2008 DATED 6FEB08, WHERE 2 MALAYSIAN INDIANS WERE TORTURED WHILE IN CUSTODY AT RAWANG POLICE SATTION. THEY WERE ASKED TO DRINK POLICEMEN’S URINE AND ALSO TOLD TO LICK THE TOILET BOWL IN THE POLICE STATION. HINDRAF ( POLICE WATCH HAVE BEEN HIGHLITING THIS ALL THIS WHILE) NOW IT HAS COME TO OPEN AIR. THE 2 INDIAN SUSPECTS WERE WARNED NOT TO REVEAL WHAT HAPPEN IN CUSTODY. 6.ISA Detainee Sanjeev Kumar Tortured Brutaly by Malaysian Police Name Age Date Circumstance of Torture and Abuse Sanjeev Kumar Krishnan 25 March 21, 2008 Sanjeev detained under ISA and physically, sexually and emotionally tortured. An initial police report had been filed by Sanjeev Kumar at the Taiping Police Station in April 2008, after he was warded at the Taiping Hospital upon receiving such brutal treatment in the camp, which included being forced to drink urine, eat stale food and being subjected to physical abuse such as being sodomized by a broom. The first report seems to be left unheeded. Sanjeev is now semi-paralysed and wheel chair bound, and has still not received the required medical attention. 7.M Vijaya Varman 19 year old beaten in police custody Name Age Date Circumstance of Torture and Abuse M Vijaya Varman 19 January 4, 2007 Factory worker 19 year old M Vijaya Varman was rudely awakened in his home in Kuala Selangor by seven policemen at 2am, the morning of Jan 4. Despite the lack of a warrant, he was arrested in connection with the theft of electrical cables. The cops handcuffed him, dragged him into the van, drove around and simply put, proceeded to beat the shit out of him over a period of four hours. Excerpts from his police report: Tangan saya telah digari dibelakang ibubapa saya telah bertanya kepada mereka sebab saya di tahan tetapi mereka enggan menjawab soalan tersebut. Kemudiannya saya terus dibawa menaiki sebuah van berwarna putih semasa didalam perjalanan keluar daripada kawasan perumahan taman seri Kuantan, saya telah dipukul oleh CID-CID tersebut. Van tersebut telah berhenti berhampiran dengan sebuah pub/karaoke di pasir panjang. Kemudian mereka terus membelasah saya dan menyoal saya di mana kawan-kawan saya yang lain yang telah dituduh mencuri kabel. Mereka terus mendesak sambil memukul saya supaya mengakui perbuatan tersebut. Selepas itu saya dibawa ke lokasi lain dan mereka terus memukul saya. 8. 19 year old M Vijaya Varman beaten in police custody Name Age Date Circumstance of Torture and Abuse M Vijaya Varman 19 January 4, 2007 Factory worker 19 year old M Vijaya Varman was rudely awakened in his home in Kuala Selangor by seven policemen at 2am, the morning of Jan 4. Despite the lack of a warrant, he was arrested in connection with the theft of electrical cables. The cops handcuffed him, dragged him into the van, drove around and simply put, proceeded to beat the shit out of him over a period of four hours. Excerpts from his police report: Tangan saya telah digari dibelakang ibubapa saya telah bertanya kepada mereka sebab saya di tahan tetapi mereka enggan menjawab soalan tersebut. Kemudiannya saya terus dibawa menaiki sebuah van berwarna putih semasa didalam perjalanan keluar daripada kawasan perumahan taman seri Kuantan, saya telah dipukul oleh CID-CID tersebut. Van tersebut telah berhenti berhampiran dengan sebuah pub/karaoke di pasir panjang. Kemudian mereka terus membelasah saya dan menyoal saya di mana kawan-kawan saya yang lain yang telah dituduh mencuri kabel. Mereka terus mendesak sambil memukul saya supaya mengakui perbuatan tersebut. Selepas itu saya dibawa ke lokasi lain dan mereka terus memukul saya. 9. Disabled Murugan Rajoo, 36 forced to urinate in pants by Selayang Municipal Council Malaysian Name Age Date Circumstance of Torture and Abuse Murugan Rajoo 36 January 4, 2007 Murugan Rajoo, 36, was born without legs. On Jan 4, he was detained by the Selayang Municipal Council for over an hour, and forced to urinate in his pants. Sequence of events: Mr. Murugan (front row in light blue shirt with hands raised) is a petty trader without a license who claims he first applied for one about 3 years ago. On Jan 4, his motorcyle-stall was confiscated by Selayang Municipal Council (MPS) officers, leaving Mr. Murugan stranded by the roadside. Later that day, he went to reclaim his motorcycle from the MPS Rawang branch. There, he was confined by enforcement officers for an hour, and when he wanted to use the bathroom, the officers allegedly made fun of his lack of legs and refused to show him where the bathroom was, forcing him to urinate in his pants publicly. The inhumane suffering and humiliation did not end there. A number of civil society groups representing the differently able organised a group of 30 individuals to protest this cruel insult to even the most basic human dignity at the MPS headquarters, and prepared a memorandum for council president, Yang Dipertua Zainal Abidin Azim. When they arrive, the group and its wheelchair bound participants were told they could meet the president, but that he refused to come down and see them; they would have to come up to the 9th floor to see him 😐 10. Suresh Kunsekaran Found Hanged With Saree In Women Cell, In Bukit Sentosa Police Station Name Age Date Circumstance of Death Suresh Kunasekaran 26 October 27, 2006 Suresh was found dead, hanged with a saree from the window of a lock-up in the Bukit Sentosa police station, Serendah, on Friday about 2pm. He had been picked up by a patrol car and taken to the station about 11.30am after he was confronted by two policemen on motorcycles near his Taman Teratai home. His mother, Liew Kiew, 47, said police informed them that a post-mortem at Kuala Kubu Baru Hospital showed he had committed suicide. She was told of her eldest son’s death by police about eight hours later, at midnight. When their questions went unanswered, the family lodged a report at the Hulu Selangor police headquarters on Saturday. Siva Subramaniam and Suresh ‘s father, R. Kunasekaran, 47, a dispatch rider, visited the lock-up where Suresh was found hanged. Siva said: ” I want the police to answer several questions. “How did the saree get into the lock-up? Assuming that the deceased managed to bring the saree into the lock-up, what were the police doing? Aren’t they supposed to monitor detainees? Secondly, what could have pushed the deceased to commit suicide only a few hours after being detained? “Thirdly, why the delay in informing the family of his death?” 11.Ravichandran Ramayah died under Malaysian Police custody Name Age Date Circumstance of Death Ravichandran Ramayah 38 December , 2004 In October, Ravichandran Ramayah, 38, died a week after being arrested and detained by the Penang North East Police Station. Family members claimed that medical needs were not provided to Ravichandran even though it was clear that his condition was very poor when he appeared in the Magistrate’s Court for remand proceedings. The deceased then could only walk with the help of family members, causing the magistrate to order that he be brought to a hospital for medical attention. However, the police instead took the deceased to the Penang Prison, where he eventually died. State Police Chief Deputy Commissioner Othman Talib said that no wrongdoing had been committed on the part of the police. He said that a post-mortem showed that Ravichandran died from natural causes and there were no signs of physical abuse or assault. 12. A. Subramaniam died after allegedly being assaulted by prison officials at the Air Molek Prison in Johor Name Date Circumstance of Death A. Subramaniam March 2004 In March, A. Subramaniam died after allegedly being assaulted by prison officials at the Air Molek Prison in Johor. Lawyer Uthayakumar lodged a complaint that Subramaniam, his friend S. Sherma Naidu and two other detainees had been assaulted and tortured by prison officials after they went on a hunger strike to protest against filthy conditions in the prison. Subramaniam then allegedly fell ill and died while being rushed to the hospital. His parents lodged a police report claiming police brutality and lack of care while under incarceration. However, Johor Police Chief Mukhtar Ismail said police investigations ruled out foul play in the detainee’s death. The prisons department also cleared the Ayer Molek authorities of any wrongdoing, as the findings of a post-mortem report and investigations of an inquiry board said that the youth had died of Septicaemia meningitis. 13. L. Yoges Rao died in police custody Name Age Date Circumstance of Death L. Yoges Rao, 22 December, 2003 L. Yoges Rao, 22 years old, died in December 2003 in Sitawan police station, Perak. Following arrest on drug-related charges he was brought to his home where, ccording to his sister, she saw him beingpunched in his stomach by police. He was then taken into a locked room from where his sister said she heard sounds of assaults and cries of pain. About half an hour later he was brought out, vomiting blood. He died the next day. Despite evidence of abuse on Yoges’ body, the burial permit said he had died of a stomach ulcer. On receipt of complaints, suhakam initiated an investigation. Responses from the Perak deputy head of police included that the deceased vomited in the police station (narcotics office) and was sent to Seri Manjung hospital for treatment. The doctor who treated him was subsequently in charge of the post mortem and certified cause of death as “peritonitis with duodenal ulcer.” 14.19 year old student, Vikenes Vesvanathan shoot dead by Malaysian Police Name Age Date Circumstance of Death Vikenes Vesvanathan. October 10 , 2003 Vikenes Vesvanathan, a 19 year-old sixth-form student, and two of his friends, Katiravan Tamilchelvam (25) and Puvaneswaran Subramanium (24), were shot dead by police in Nilai, Negri Sembilan on 10 October 2003. Police claimed that the men had been staking out a bank in preparation for a robbery, and that when their car was followed by police they sped away, crashed, and on alighting refused to surrender and opened fire on the police. The police stated they returned fire killing all three men, whom they claimed were linked to at least 20 cases of armed robbery. Police reportedly cordoned off the area where they were shot before the shooting, and reported that guns and bullets were found in the car. Vikenes’ family disputed the police version of events insisting that their son, a high school student, had no criminal record and was not, as alleged, a “marksman and a weapons expert”. According to a police report lodged by a friend of Vikenes who saw his body in the mortuary, there were two gunshot wounds to Vikenes’ chest, but his shirt (which the police refused to release) had no bullet holes in it. He also claimed that there were bruise marks on his face, legs and back. In addition, the brother of Puvaneswaran stated “there were about four or five red bruises on the back of his [brother’s] body which looked like cane marks. His lips were also swollen and his nose bleeding.” A post-mortem report found that there were two gunshot wounds to Vikenes’ upper chest. In findings that increased his relatives’ mistrust of the police version of events, the report stated that the wounds showed bullets had exited the body, suggesting that the firing may have taken place at close range. 15.Ulaganathan Muniandy 19, died while in detention in Kajang police station, Malaysia Name Age Date Circumstance of Death Ulaganathan Muniandy 19 July 21, 2003 Ulaganathan Muniandy (19 year old) an Emergency Ordinance detainee was detained at Kajang Police Station since 12 May 2003 and died on 21 July 2003 at Kajang Police Station. According to the Kajang hospital, the cause of death “cannot be determined”, while family members of the deceased suspect foul play. According to Ulaganathan’s mother – Tamil Selwee a/p Ramasamy, she found that there were few bruises on Ulaganathan’s body, including swollen eyes, bruises around the region of eyes and swelling on the legs during the visit she made to the Police detention centre. When the family, with the help of SUARAM, Malaysian Bar Council and volunteer lawyer, filed a civil suit, the Attorney General finally requested for an inquest to be carried out – 4 years after the death. 16. Kannan Kanthan, 45, died in Batu Pahat Police Station in Johor Name Age Date Circumstance of Death Kannan Kanthan 45 February 28, 2003 In March, Kannan Kanthan, 45, died in Batu Pahat Police Station in Johor after being arrested three days earlier by the police. The deceased’s nephew, Sri Rajesh Kanna Viladan, said that when he saw Kannan in court a few days earlier, he was in good health. At the mortuary, Sri Rajesh identified the body and claimed that he found injuries on the deceased—a swollen neck and injuries on the left eye and right hand. Fourteen persons were arrested in relation to the death including three police personnel. Seven of them were later charged with causing the death of Kannan in Cell ‘C’ lockup. In addition, a police lance corporal Azmi Harun was charged with abetting the five by transferring the deceased from Cell ‘F’ to Cell ‘C’ and allowing him to be assaulted by the detainees. The two other police personnel were subjected disciplinary actions. 17. P. Lingeswaran beaten with rubber hose by Malaysian police Name Age Date Circumstance of Death P. Lingeswaran 19 February 20, 2003 In February, police personnel were alleged to have beaten P. Lingeswaran together with another 19-year-old, P. Poobalan, while the two were being detained at the Subang Jaya Police Station in Selangor. According to a police report, the duo was arrested and blindfolded at the police station before they were beaten with rubber hoses. The complainant said: “I saw that Poobalan had red bruises of about 6-inches long on his back and his right hand. There were also swellings on his head, feet and the soles of his feet. As for Lingeswaran, there were (similar) bruises on both his shoulders.” The two youths were subsequently released by the Petaling Jaya Magistrate’s Court but were re-arrested the same day by the Subang Jaya police. Lawyer Uthayakumar said the two were re-arrested while they were seeking medical treatment for their injuries at the Universiti Hospital . The hospital staff apparently notified the police, who came and removed the two back to the Subang Jaya Police Station. The police later suddenly brought the two youth back to the hospital’s police booth and released them at about 2 a.m. Malaysiakini.com reported that when it contacted the Subang Jaya Police Station, a police officer who declined to be named said that there were no records that the two youths were held during the past two days at the station. 18.Mohanan Pillai shot dead by Malaysian Police Name Age Date Circumstance of Death Mohanan Pillai September 6, 2002 The widow Jeyanthi A/P Sinniah (32) who was six (6) month pregnant at that time in her police report said that the deceased telephoned his wife on 6/09/2002 at about 12.00 pm informing her that he was on his. way home. At 3.00 pm received a telephone call from her husband’s friend informing her that her husband had been shot dead by the police in bad faith and with mala-fide in the “shoot to kill policy by the police”. The widow in her police report Kelana Jaya NO.5203-02 dated.7/09/2002 alleged that the story by the police that her husband shot at the police and the police shot back and her husband was killed as a result as “cerita rekaan polis” (police fictious story). 19.Anthony A/L Ponnusamy is shot dead by Malaysian Police Name Age Date Circumstance of Death Anthony A/L Ponnusamy August 24, 2002 The widow Vasanthi A/P Perumal (25) who was five (5) moths pregnant at that time in her police report No.1211/02 (Mantin) said that her husband bought her breakfast and left for work on 23/08/2002. From 12.00 pm on 23/08/2002 right up to the next day morning she kept calling him persistently on the phone but to no avail. The widow alleges that the newspaper stories about her husband being involved in guns for hire, extortion, gangster isu etc was false news published and was a prelude / justification for killing her husband. She further alleged that the police pre-planned her husband’s murder and does nor believe the police’s version that her husband was behaving suspiciously, waiting to hijack a lorry, shot at the police the police returned fire and her husband was killed. She furhter said that her husband would not be stupid to shoot when a group of (armed) policemen supposedly cornered him. Despite a request in the said police reports an Inquest is yet to be.


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Undergrads Lack General Knowledge

UNIVERSITY students are intellectually weak because they are lazy and not because they are spending time in politics, a backbencher said yesterday. Datuk Tajuddin Abdul Rahman (BN-Pasir Salak) said these undergraduates only read notes provided by lecturers or those obtained at tutorials. “They don’t go to the library and pursue additional knowledge to improve their minds. “They don’t read reference books as these are in English. They said it is difficult, gives them a headache. They go for examinations equipped only with the information obtained from the lecture hall,” he said during the debate on the Universities and University Colleges (Amendment) Bill 2008. The bill seeks to give more freedom to undergraduates in the country’s 18 public universities to take part in campus activities. It also aims to streamline the administration of universities and provide better welfare benefits to staff and the undergraduates. Tajuddin said the undergraduates should be concentrating on improving themselves to face the rat race. Responding to the widely-held perception that university students were not doing well in their studies because of involvement in politics, he said: “I am not saying politics is not important. I am saying they should concentrate on improving their minds first. “This country needs engineers, accountants, industrialists, entrepreneurs.” He said the country needed to move forward by becoming producers rather than becoming consumers. Tajuddin said his observations were based on his experience interviewing undergraduates for work in his company. “I have interviewed many of them and although they were graduates, they had little general knowledge. What little general knowledge they had was poor because they did not read enough,” he said. Ahmad Maslan (BN-Pontian) said the changes in the Universities and University Colleges Act would improve the administration of universities. He said the government should find ways to encourage idealism among university students. “It has to be established if student activism had brought about poor performance among them,” he said. Khairy Jamaluddin (BN-Rembau) did not think there was a correlation between academic excellence and politicking. He felt there should not be double standards and the government should allow opposition parties to be active on campuses

by: V. Vasudevan

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