Manipal Derecognised

Why Manipal University Medical Colleges are being derecognised

     The centre has taken the unprecedented step of derecognising two medical colleges run by the prestigious Manipal Group. The University is in trouble, the Union Health ministry has derecognised its medical colleges at Manipal and Mangalore from 2008 onwards because of falling education standards … reports IBN Live

“There were adverse reports from a central team that visited manipal,” says Health secretary, Naresh Dayal

The charges raised against Manipal University are nothing short of a scam. Each of the colleges are allowed to admit only 250 students annually. In reality the colleges have been admitting an additional 250 students who get their degrees from the Melacca medical college in Malaysia.

That apart, an unspecified number are admitted from a medical college in Antigua, West Indies.

There is even a dental college running without permission. In all, the estimates are that the number of students using facilities meant for 250 students is well over 650.

The centre says the colleges can have their recognition back if they make amends. This will cause concern to the MBBS students already admitted.

“The recognition is not with retrospective effect. We don’t want to dilute the standard of education,” adds Naresh Dayal

Manipal may be considered one of the better medical colleges in the country but the fact is even as the Government looks the other way, India has one of the maximum number of medical colleges in the world.

Source: IBN Live

What the students says :
by Manu
I am a student at KMC Mangalore..

As far as I know colleges at Manipal and Mangalore are separate and each of them has 250 seats. Making a total of 500 seats.
I dont know what the current exact strength of the new batches are. But each batch of 250 is divided into 2 classes of 120 to 130 students. There cannot gross increase of more than 10 to 20 students in each class because the class would become too crowded. None of the classes are are crowded.
Then about the dental college. It is called the Manipal college of dental sciences(MCODS). it has two branches, one in Mangalore and one in Manipal. it yearly admits around sixty students in each branch. Here in Mangalore they have one building separate from the main hospital, devoted to the dental college alone. They have just recently shifted from the old building at light house hill to a new absolutely sepectacular one in Attavar.

So, what the above report clams is definitely false.

They themselves have told in the first paragraph that each college has 250 seats( total 500). In the next they have told that there is only a total of 250.

And why is there such a big publicity for this .. almost every news paper in the country has this as a main news.

I think this whole thing is a big scandal to defame the name of the college and to cause trouble for the college administration from the side of the parents and students

by Rohit
The Union Health ministry website recognizes KMC Mangalore and Manipal.Claims made by the media that it has been derecognized are not true.It is the MCI which has recommended derecognition,but it cannot derecognize the colleges as it is only a recommendatory body.

Putera MIC NS
Sudden Derecognition of MBBS Manipal Colleges is shocking. What will be the fate of students undergoing course and many who have taken admission this year, anyway lets hope our Malaysian Goverment will take this matter serious and help our Malaysian student out of this problem.


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