Take Care Doctor

Datuk Dr Haron Ahmad,an ex professor and head of surgery of UKM Medical Faculty said goverment should stop spending too much time persuading Malaysian medical experts to return home or doctors in foreign countries to come to Malaysia.
Government should instead focus on the welfare of local doctors in goverment hospitals to keep them in goverment service,since most of them prefer to work in private sector which offers attractive salary and benefits.

Well,as a medical officer in goverment hospital I 100% back this idea. Currently a medical doctor after 6 years of studies,have starting pay around RM2500.00,and still have to go further traning for 2 years as houseman. Yet they still have to live ‘up-to standard’ as a doctor with RM2500.00 salary. This goes even bad for Indian doctors, who need to pay back their loan,either MIEd or bank loan which will be >RM700.00/month. This pushes doctors in goverment hospital to do loccum to get extra pocket money, and by the next day they will be tired to give high lever service at hospital since they are too tired of this routine in loccum. A better welfare much needed for goverment doctors.
Thanx datuk Dr.Haron Ahmad, a wise thinking from a wise man. lots of Indian doctors will get benefit from this idea.


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