Rasah Division PKR Deputy Chairman Quits Party

 Rasah Division PKR Deputy Chairman Quits Party

      Ahmad Sulaiman alias M.Selvarajah, 42 ,Rasah Divison PKR’s Deputy Chaiman quit his post yesterday. According to Sabaruddin Mohd Yassim,state PKR Secretary,Ahmad Sulaiman’s job as teacher prevents him from being active  in politics after served 10 year in PKR,since joined in 1998. Saburuddin denies Ahmad Sulaiman’s move will trigger outflow of his supporter out of PKR.However he said,if there is out flow,then there will be in flow of new supporters and PKR will remain stable.

Meanwhile,Dato’T.Rajagopalu ,Negeri Sembilan’s MIC Chairman welcomes Ahmad Sulaiman’s move out of PKR. Even thought Sulaiman Yassim has not decided which pary he would join, but MIC has offer him a new oppurtunity to serve the community by set up a new MIC branch for him at rasah Division. Dato’T.Rajagopalu also said,Ahmad Yassim has lots of friends in MIC and his experience in education will help to strenghten MIC.


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  1. dia tipulah.tak keluar parti.siapa cakap???dia bersandiwara besar.

    Comment by sakthi | November 7, 2009 | Reply

  2. itu Ahmad Sulaiman tak akan keluar PKR.itu semua adalah sandiwara untuk mengaburi UMNO/BN.MIC jangan bermimpi di siang hari nak kuatkan parti.Anwar adalah idola dia.

    Comment by sakthi | November 7, 2009 | Reply

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