Yoga Ban?

yogaYoga Ban?
 Are we living in dark ages?

Yoga has been proven scientifically to be benefit for human being, and has been a a “most wanted ” practise in US and European countries ,and out of suddent it has been a ‘HARAM’ practise in Malaysia?
I dont see any relevence here …

Yeah , I know its all up to Majlis Fatwa to decide on Muslim’s affairs but , pleasez dont use the word ‘HARAM’ to address this matter, its too harsh for Hindu ‘ears’ , why not use other words like ‘not suitable’ instead.

My personal agenda is ; please use correct word when it involves sensitive issues ( religion )

My question is ; what else is goin to be ‘HARAM’
       – Karate           
         : For saying ‘aii’, ‘hui’…maybe or mayb for lifting ur leg above your head and exposing your ‘AURAT”
       – Mathematics
         : Why not ban mathematics in terms of the number system we use? Also the decimal system and the 
           number ‘zero’. Its found by an Hindu in India.                          
       – Burning of incense sticks
         : Since Muslim neighbours can smell the incense burning smell 
       – Chappati
        : Maybe the making of Chapati with the wodden roller is ‘worshipping’ the chappati, so its ‘HARAM’

Dear Fatwa Law Maker : Read this carefully : 
       1.Can you stop Muslim’s from gambling at Toto , Da Ma Cai and Magnum?

       2.Smoking has been haram in Selangor, Perlis ,Kedah,Penang and Sarawak for more than
         10 years, and yet none of our Malay smoker friends/colleagues have given up smoking
         infact ustaz is smoking the ‘HARAM’ cigaratte

Please, we already had so many fractions in our community, dont make it worst.
Lets it be personal’s intrest in deciding Yoga practise

– Dr.S.Thinagaraj – Negeri Sembilan Putera MIC Chairman


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