Skills Course for Minimum SPM Scorers

Skills Course for Minimum SPM Scorers

Opportunity has knocked again at the doors of Indian youths who have just passed with minimum scores in SPM. This time around Ministry of Finance has allocated another RM3million to train young Indians. Through this allocation nearly 500 Indian youths can go through various industrial courses and will surely have a bright future ahead of them.
On 21 June 2008, the first round of registration of new students took place at Evertronics Ipoh. 25 students have registered for Mechatronics and multimedia courses. A total of 50 places have been allocated. The next level of registration will be held from 22 – 27 June 2008. Ever since the budget has been approved by the Economic Planning Unit (EPU) and the Ministry of Finance (MOF), YSS has been recruiting youths to various skills training Institutes run by government and private institutions.

At Evertronics alone a total of 215 students have been enrolled under the government sponsorship scheme with the help of dedicated volunteers, we run regular and systematic programs for the students. At Evertronics we conduct weekly meetings with the student leaders, regular religious and character development classes. To add on we also provide one to one counselling session for those in need of moral support and close supervision.

On a monthly basis the team also conducts home visits to meet the students’ parents. Through this interaction we are working hard to unlock the inner abilities and help these students to discover their potentials for them to succeed in live.

Our hard labour is not in vain as we have planted the seed of good values, confidence, positive mind set and positive character. The first batch of 65 students who came in last year has shown tremendous changes in their behaviour and character. All of them have indicated their interest to further their training to diploma level and want to make their family members proud of them.

These groups of students have been marginalized due to their poor result and their ‘tidak apa’ (couldn’t care less) attitude prior to their enrollment into this sponsorship programme. The YSS method of identifying these students and providing the necessary training and counselling has helped them to be out of their strongholds in order to plan towards a bright future.

YSS is impressed with the changes and the enthusiasm shown. This group of youths needs just a little push and encouragement. This is something I’ve read in a book, which says that the door of opportunity is always marked PUSH.

Source : http://www.YSS98.com


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