Confused Pakatan Rakyat

Chronicle of Events from a confused Pakatan Rakyat.

1.MCA wants 30 percent bumiputera equity in public-listed companies to be abolished. 

2.But PAS and ABIM ( Anwar’s boys? ) WARNS not to stir hornets nest by abolishing Bumi’s rights. PAS Youth chief Salahuddin Ayub said that the 30-percent equity must be retained and defended “even if the target has been reached!
3. DAP slams PAS.
4. Datuk Sri Anwar Ibrahim says nothing.
I wonder how long they are going to do this same ‘ol’ thing again and again!. Let me quote an article written by Mr.Baradan Kuppusamy in THE STAR.
This clearly shows PAS is not as confused as I think. They were never confused with their stand. They are just bunch of good actors I would  say. In front of Indians they would say “Valghe Makkal Sakthi,Equal Rights for Everyone!” , infront of Malays they say ” Long Live DEB! The economy pies is ours and ours only!!”
Now , who is doing SANDIWARA? Now , who is playing the race cards? Now, who is being RACIST?
– Putera MIC –

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